Could anything say spring better than an exhibit dedicated to oodles of colourful winged creatures? That’s what’s on offer until Apr. 26 at the 12th annual Butterflies Go Free show put on by the Montreal Insectarium and the Montreal Botanical Garden.

This year, you can meet some butterflies of the Americas — which is the theme of the exhibition — as well as admire winged wonders of all kinds from Quebec and around the world.

“Butterflies Go Free is a total immersion in the complex and fascinating world of butterflies,” says Charles-Mathieu Brunelle, director of Montréal's Nature Museums.

This year’s exhibit places an emphasis on fair-trade butterfly farming. The Americas are renowned not only for the diversity of their butterflies and moths, but they’re also where the first butterfly farms were established in the early 1980s, in Costa Rica. A number of countries have since adopted this sustainable development model, which is a way of protecting forests while creating local jobs. The Montreal Insectarium carefully selects its suppliers in order to choose “fair-trade” butterflies and moths.

Butterflies Go Free is on at the Montreal Botanical Garden until April 26, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday, 4101 Sherbrooke St. E., Pie-IX Metro station, 514-872-1400,

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