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Ladies and gentlemen, you know that $15,000 you have sitting in your savings account? Now is the time to cash out and buy what is allegedly Donald Trump's Iowa campaign bus.

According the the Des Moines Register the bus was advertised for sale on Craigslist before being taken down. It is however still very much for sale according to its owner, Iowa’s very own party bus business mogul Steve Drake.

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Drake, who owns five other party buses reportedly leased the bus out to Trump in July.

“Under that deal, the campaign paid to wrap the bus in its custom covering and for several interior upgrades, while guaranteeing Drake a certain number of rental days per month,” the Register reported.


However the Trump campaign has recently switched strategies in Iowa, leaving the bus abandoned and still covered in Trump’s name and his campaign’s slogan #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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“I figured if I could sell it while it’s hot, while Donald’s hot, I would try to do that,” Drake explained to the Register, showing off his business prowess. “If not, I’ll just keep it and use it.”

Oh, man.

We can barely contain our jealousy of anyone who has a Trump campaign bus in their catalog of personal belongings. Can you imagine the possibilities? We have.

Here’s a list of things we could do if we bought this bus:

  • Ferry people across any border
  • Ferry people to and from a Planned Parenthood center
  • Turn it into a taco truck
  • Sell it to Carly Fiorina
  • Start a band called “Trump’s Magical Mystery Tour,” do various drugs and go for a joyride in it
  • Start a commune and live out of it
  • Pick up every GOP candidate and road trip to Vegas
  • Blow it up in an empty field
  • Throw it into the ocean like Rose did at the end of Titanic
  • Crash it into an iceberg like in Titanic
  • Scrap it and use the remaining parts to make a robo-Trump
  • Tailgate Jeb Bush’s bus
  • Use it as a getaway car after egging Ted Cruz's house

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