Choosing a new TV for your home can be a time intensive job, what with looking up the latest models and specifications, comparing different sets, and of course, price-checking.

With more people watching HD sporting events and movies from the comfort of their couches, home entertainment systems are gaining in popularity.

Here are some expert tips to consider when purchasing a big screen TV for your home that will help make the buying process smoother, and viewing more enjoyable in the long-term.

Go big or go home

When purchasing a new TV you don’t want to regret choosing a screen that's too small.


A TV that looks huge in the store may not live up to that first impression when you get it home.

Consider your needs in the future — if you love watching the Olympics, remember that 2012 isn’t that far away, so go big now and enjoy for years to come.

TVs keep growing

Keep in mind that things have changed since you bought your old TV set, or even your last flat screen.

Yesterday’s 27 inch tube model is today’s 40 inch flat screen and it takes up less room, leaving you with more living space.

A 70 inch set offers twice the viewing area of a 46 inch TV, which makes a huge difference when you want that immersive viewing experience at home.

Do some math

With recent advancements in HDTV, you can buy big for a smaller room to enjoy a cinematic experience without feeling overwhelmed.

The improved picture quality of HDTV means you can sit closer to the TV than ever before while still enjoying a beautiful picture.

Today with HDTV, many experts recommend you divide the distance between your seat and TV by 1.5, with your screen size measured diagonally.

Consider colour

Most TVs only have three-colour RGB (Red, Green and Blue) technology, while some TV sets add yellow to the spectrum for the brightest picture with more colour.

Shop with a buddy

When in doubt, ask for help.

Visit the friend with a home theatre in their basement, research online and visit reputable stores for help from knowledgeable staff.

Now that you know what to consider when choosing your new big screen, the only thing left to do is choose what to watch first.

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