Want good quality? Buy Canadian, our writer says.


During the past decade, the Canadian retail furnishings market had been flooded with goods from China and other Asian countries.


Consumers welcomed these goods with open arms due to the lack of variety and availability of merchandise at the time. The styles were fun and edgy along with pricing that was hard to resist. It was not difficult to make a decision to buy these items for our homes.

Three or four years passed by and we began to notice that our purchases had to be replaced. Due to poor quality, bad construction and short-term durability of fabrics, most of this furniture was hauled to the Salvation Army or, even worse, contributed to our ever-expanding landfills.

If you’re searching for your next living room ensemble, try shopping in your neighbourhood. There are a plethora of furniture makers in Toronto that have been manufacturing high-quality furniture for more than 30 years. These companies stand behind the construction of their sofas and they often offer guarantees on the construction of their frames.

Celebrating its 35th year, Brentwood Classics offers exclusive designer collections “A Strategy For Living Well” — Raleigh and Cooper by Kimberley Seldon along with their latest introduction of “The Not So Classic Collection” by Montreal-born designer Normand Couture. Décor-Rest, founded by Angelo and Christina Marzilli, have just recently announced their partnership with the original designer guys, Steven and Chris, who promise to deliver a wholly Canadian product. There are also manufacturers such as Superstyle, founded in 1967, who offer a well-rounded line of traditional furniture and even our ever-famous Roots offers an exclusive line of furniture and home accessories.

Buying Canadian not only offers good quality and selection, it also contributes to our economic stability ensuring that thousands of craftspeople, local suppliers, administrative staff, salespeople, designers, advertisers, etc., all maintain their livelihoods.