Show flair when creating your version of home



Buying a condo in a new building gives you the opportunity to give it your own personal touch.


There are many wonderful reasons to buy a suite in a new condominium building. Having fresh appliances that have never been used before, reaping the benefits of the latest construction techniques, enjoying access to state-of-the-art building amenities, choosing from innovative designs that are beautiful and maximize space usage, and receiving warranty coverage from Tarion are just a few. One of the most interesting aspects of buying new, however, is starting out with a blank slate where features, finishes and colours are concerned. You can personalize your surroundings to create your own version of “home.”

Even greater news is, these days, you start out with a remarkable array of finishes. Purchasers enjoy a higher level of standards than we’ve ever seen before. Features such as nine-foot ceilings and the latest trends in materials that used to be considered upgrades are often included in your purchase price. So quality and choice are there for the taking — but what should you choose?

Whether you have a knack for knowing just the right colours, furnishings and accessories that showcase your personality in your living spaces, or need some help visualizing the finished product, a new condo is perfect. Your colour selection appointment is the launching point for your new look. You’ll find an unbelievable selection of features and finishes you can combine in limitless ways. And if the number of items and colours to choose from seems overwhelming, take heart. Most condominium developers have design consultants who will walk you through the process and help you decide on the best choices for your needs and tastes.

Even so, it’s best to show up for your appointment having done some homework. What’s your preference? Minimalism? Traditional? A combination of both? Often, purchasers come in with pictures they’ve cut out of magazines. Maybe there’s a particular room setting or wall colour you love, and you’d like to recreate it in your personal setting. Or perhaps you’ve found photos of looks you don’t care for and want to avoid.

Carry a pen and paper with you as you shop, and note specific items you see in stores that might fit in once you’ve made your selections. If you have favourite furniture pieces or accessories you can’t live without, photograph them and bring the pictures with you. It all helps.

The main thing is to create the look that turns your suite into your home. And as I’ve said many times before, when you buy new, it’s all about you!

Linda Mitchell, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, High-Rise for Monarch Corporation, received the coveted 2005 OHBA SAMMY award, and the 2003 Riley Brethour Award acknowledging outstanding achievement in residential sales and marketing.