No candidates, but plenty of talk

Vancouver civic elections are nearly a year away and already there’s candidacy buzz.



But while nobody has committed yet to pursuing the post, some parties are already committed to pushing Mayor Sam Sullivan out.


Kevin Quinlan, Vision Vancouver spokesperson, said Vision will do whatever it takes to defeat the NPA.

"We’re willing to work with anyone else who wants to help us achieve our goals of a Vision mayor and a Vision majority on council," he said.

"Whether that’s COPE, whether that’s the Green Party, independents, whoever."

"The people who get talked about the most (regarding the mayoral candidacy) are NDP MLA Gregor Robertson and Vision Councillor Raymond Louie."

Robertson said he’s not actively pursuing the candidacy right now, but echoed Quinlan’s sentiment. "I’d love to see Vision and COPE and the Greens working together to lead the city."

He added that contrary to media reports, if he decides to run for mayor it would have nothing to do with provincial Finance Minister Carole Taylor.

Taylor said she has made no decisions to run in Vancouver but confirmed she will not run in the next provincial election. "I really won’t be putting my mind into it until at least the spring," she said.