The price at the pump may soon drive up a similar spike on Calgary cab fares.

As the price of gas continues its upward march with no impending signs of slowing, Ald. Ray Jones is set
to propose a an annual rate review and immediate 40-cent meter adjustment and an additional 20 cents for every 135-metres, up from 150 metres, a 12 per cent rate hike at today’s city council meeting, a move he said was overdue, as the city hasn’t reviewed cab fares for three years.

“If we don’t make this decision now, it’s going to be a lot higher by the next time we get to it,” said Jones.


The alderman admits that his motion will still put Calgary cabs in 10th place in the nation’s top 15 fares, but he hopes the provision for a yearly review will help get things back on track.

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