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Cabernet Sauvignon Central Ranges 2004


Cabernet Sauvignon Central Ranges 2004

Who: Simon Gilbert

What: Cabernet Sauvignon Central Ranges 2004

Where: Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia

Why: A fine example of a wine that that tastes far, far beyond its meagre price. Though not easy to find the various wines of the Card Series range by fifth generation winemaker Simon Gilbert, the hunt is worth it — and like poker, you’ll want a full house of these cards. The Cab Sauv is dark crimson, with the triad blackberry, blackcurrant and black cherry on sniff and sip. Subtle oakiness revs up the body, soft tannins tame it down — nicely balanced overall with a lingering finish — a right straight flush.

When: Similarly suitable for poker night or date night, this card has character. Will play nicely with beef casserole, barbecue ribs or spicy sausages.

How (much): $15.99 specialty wine stores.


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