Imagine having the opportunity to climb Mount Everest — now imagine being only 17 years old.

This dream is going to be a reality for Camrose Army Cadet Warrant Officer Wesley McLean when he leaves for Nepal Thursday for close to a month.

“It’s kind of surreal, just the idea that I’m getting a big trip like this, and I’m really excited,” exclaimed McLean said in a phone interview yesterday.

As part of the Royal Canadian Army Cadet International Expedition, McLean, nicknamed Everest, is one of 16 cadets chosen across Canada based on top physical fitness. Although he’s in good shape, McLean is concentrating on running more these days.

“Cardio is the biggest focus on this just because the altitude is so much more than what we have here,” he explained. “So I’ve got to make sure I work enough cardio so I could handle it without getting altitude sickness.”

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