New website can help you cut CO2 emissions

A website unveiled in Toronto Tuesday ( allows people to calculate their carbon footprint and see how they and others are doing in the battle to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

“You can click on your neighbourhood and compare yourself with other people in the area,” said Deborah Kaplan, executive director of zerofootprint.


Kaplan said a business could check itself against other businesses, and other groups, even churches, could do the same.

The site’s calculator allows people to find their carbon footprint in a minute or so. A larger system lets people plug in details about how they get to work, how often they fly and even what kind of food they buy. They can post their information and compare their environmental impact with others in the city and, eventually, around the world.

Although the site is called torontozerofootprint, officials said people outside Toronto will be able to take part.

The project was announced last spring, when Mayor David Miller challenged other cities to help citizens fight greenhouse gas emissions.

Miller said the average rating for a Toronto resident is about 8.6 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. “I had a run at it yesterday,” he said. “I drive extremely rarely so my footprint is a little better than the average Torontonian ... I was 6.9, 7.3.”

‘green’ links

  • The site will feature links to environmental meetings and activities, like Earth Hour, and places where people can sign up for car pools.

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