Many Canadian sports fans dream about getting drafted into the big leagues, but this Calgarian is dreaming about getting drafted as a sportscaster.

Andrew Phung, a 25-year-old native Calgarian, is one of five finalists in the Gillette Drafted contest jockeying for a one-year position as a sportscaster on The Score.

“For me, this is a dream of mixing my talent and passion for sports. I’m very excited at the prospect of becoming Canada’s next sportscaster,” Phung said yesterday from Toronto, where he is currently competing.

Phung is the only competitor from Western Canada, but credits his four competitors with being very unique and good at what they do.

“They are all really good in their own ways and they make me become a better competitor. As much as I want to win, as long as I come out a better person, this was all worth it.”

Even though sport is one of Phung’s biggest passions in life, he is torn between that and his other passion, working in the non-profit industry with Child and Youth Friendly Calgary.

“I love doing both. This has really posed some questions to me on what I should pursue, but I’m just taking it one day at a time right now,” Phung added.

Phung and his fellow competitors are currently filming the competition in Toronto, and episodes can be seen on The Score daily.