Maya Gohill isn’t quite sure how George Lucas chose her to be one of the 100 artists to be featured in his new book, but she’s glad he did.

The?Calgary artist was handpicked by the infamous creator of Star Wars to create a painting for his new coffee-table book “Star Wars Art: Visions,” which was released Nov. 1.

“I was amazed,” said Gohill of when she received an email asking her to put together a painting.

As an illustrator, painter and instructor at ACAD, Gohill said she wanted to use her own style while maintaining the Star Wars theme.

In the end, Gohill said she was inspired to paint a portrait of Chewbacca and his family.

Now that the book is out, Gohill said she’s impressed by the other pieces in the book that came from all over the world.

“Looking at who the artists are in there, a lot of them were ones that I really followed ... so it’s quite nice to be on the same kind of level.”