She’s banking on the kindness of strangers. Literally.

Margo Nelson, 33, is selling all of her belongings, taking her 13-year-old Dalmatian-Lab cross Pepper and loading her car for a cross-continent trip in which she will live with strangers and hope that word of her adventure spreads.

Why, you ask?

“I guess I’m just trying to prove there still really kind people out there, whether they are Canadian or American. We’re all people,” she said.

Nelson intends to drive and stay with people who offer their homes, and in return she will do small favours in return and plans to volunteer at places like abuse shelters along the way.

“I hope that people will spread the word and if they know someone in Texas, for example, then I can stay there. I’m sure there will be a lot of good experiences and I’m sure there will be bad ones, too.”

Nelson said she’s heard many opinions of her trip from friends and family, but has been surprised.

“I’ve told some people I expected resistance from but they are actually been really supportive.”