He wasn’t the handiest of them all but Handyman Superstar Challenge runner-up Ian Crosby is okay with that.

The 28-year-old Calgarian was one of two local competitors on the popular Mike Holmes Reality TV show who made the final 10 on television. Mike Golder from Victoria was the other runner-up.

“I was kind of surprised because I was just happy with making it to the finals, but it was a nice surprise,” Crosby told Metro.


Finishing runner-up to a guy with 19 years experience compared to his four wasn’t bad at all either, he said.

“Watching the show now I see Dave Chalupa was here to win and he has loads of experience. It was fun just to compete with him,” he added.

Although the runner-up and even the winner didn’t win a prize, just bragging rights, Crosby is happy with the honour.

“But if they threw in some tools or something, it would have been nice,” he joked.