Movember, the month-long moustache-growing event to raise awareness for prostate cancer, is not just for men.

That’s according to Calgary resident and fan of the furry upper lip Kelly Innes. She and a friend have donned fake facial hair of varying styles throughout November.

“We have been spreading the awareness and frowning at people who weren’t growing moustaches,” the 30-year-old said with a laugh.

Innes said that next year she plans to raise money for the cause and that she recently ordered 36 more fake moustaches from Hong Kong.

“It’s a lot easier to promote if you’re a girl with a moustache because it’s not as normal,” she said.

Troy Steinke, meanwhile, has gone the more traditional route, growing out his facial hair with some co-workers. They have raised nearly $8,000.

“Some guys have done pretty well, some guys look a little creepier with a moustache,” the 33-year-old said.

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