Lotto vendor Lynn Popp wishes every customer “good luck” and every one of them swears they’re going to win the $50 million Lotto Max draw tomorrow.

“Everybody is really excited; a lot of them buy more than one ticket and they all say they are going to win. It’s exciting. Everyone is really positive,” the Sheffield Express manager said.

Popp said it’s been a busy week that spilled over from last week when nobody claimed the $50 million Lotto Max jackpot, and some Calgarians, like Cindy White, have bought more than one potential winning ticket.

“I had an extra thirty bucks, and I thought what better way to invest it into more. Who knows if I will win, but I have five tickets with three sets of numbers on them,” White said.

Besides the $50-million jackpot, there will also be a chance to win 20 prizes of $1 million, making the total possible winnings up to $70 million.

“This is what Canadians have been asking for — big jackpots as well as more million-dollar prizes,” Wendy Montgomery of Ontario Liquor and Gaming said in a release.