More people sign up for Christmas kettle campaign

Generous Calgarians answered a Christmas wish as the Salvation Army kettle drive saw its volunteer ranks swell.


Last week the Salvation Army made a desperate plea for more volunteers for the kettle drive as they were facing a shortage of about 800 people and good samaritans answered the call.


Rizalyn Reyes of the Salvation Army told Metro after the exposure on the organization’s plight earlier this week more than 300 people called to volunteer within a day.


“All of our volunteer positions are now filled which is terrific. We are so thankful for everyone who made it possible, and we really want to thank everyone for the support,” she said.

When the organization made the plea, it was far below the $1.4 million target. It expects to hit the million dollar mark after this week.

However, Reyes said that is still slightly lower than the amount needed.

“With last weekend and this weekend left we think we will surpass the million dollar mark but we’re not sure if we will reach the initial target. But we hope if you see the kettles in the mall, please give.”

In the malls