Too much water being wasted,city official says

robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Kate Murray, public program co-ordinator for the City of Calgary, is encouraging Calgarians to check their toilets for leaks, as it could cost homeowners over $100 a year.

« People may not even know that their toilet is silently wasting water.»

Calgarians are flushing hundreds of dollars down the toilet every year and most don’t even know it, according to the City of Calgary.

One in four toilets is silently leaking up to 28 bathtubs full a month which could be costing up to or more than $100 a year per household.

Kate Murray, co-ordinator of the City of Calgary water services, told Metro those numbers combined throughout the city could fill the Calgary Tower per day.

"That is a lot of water wasting away each day which isn’t only bad on Calgarian’s pocketbooks but on water conservation in the city as a whole. People may not even know their toilet is silently wasting water," Murray said.

"Water conservation is everybody’s responsibility."

The city has issued a challenge to Calgarians to test their toilets for leaks at least once every six months in an effort to cut down on water waste.

"It’s simple and easy to do. You can just put a few drops of food colouring in the toilet tank and wait a few minutes. If the water changes color, then you have a leak," Murray explains.

The city offers simple repair tips online for the community to deal with a leaking toilet, including some requiring a few minutes to replace a small part. More serious issues may require a plumber.

For simple instructions and tips, visit or call 3-1-1.

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