Deep in the basement of a southwest Calgary home, two best friends spend every waking hour programming and testing.

On the wall, behind the side-by-side computer station, hangs a seven-by-14-foot wide version of the Union Jack.

“The world map is as big as this wall,” said Brock Kokot, a 24-year-old graduate of SAIT’s computer technology program.

It’s all original artwork.

Jason Smith, 25, and Kokot of Ideal Entertainment Software are creating a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG for short).

The pair have spent a good portion of their lives playing endless sessions of video games together and have always thought they could make something better.

Legacy of Warriors is a strategy game in that the players build up their towns and armies. They also organize troops strategically as well as gain levels and skills.

“What’s unique about the game is that it’s not a ‘grind-fest,’” said Smith, referring to oft-repetitive action in many MMORPG games.

“We want to craft fun,” said Kokot. “We’re not saying, ‘Sit here for an hour and press this button.’”

Players order their troops and can then go about their day. They later return to the game, see their results, give more orders and leave again.

They plan to release in mid-2010, but “it’ll be ready when it’s ready,” said Kokot.

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