"We just want to keep it keep it green," said landscaper Peter Hughes. To care for roughly 300 homes a week Hughes uses herbicides, but soon that may come to an end.

"We are using a poison that poisons the environment, poisons kids, poisons adults, all so that we can have a pretty lawn," said Ald. Brian Pincott, who has been leading the charge to get pesticides and herbicides banned from Calgary.

The province is set to ban over-the-counter sales, so that only professionals can use the products. However, Pincott wants a city bylaw to ban them outright.

City administration is currently drawing up a bylaw to be presented to council in October. Despite rumours that administration may ask for more time in drafting the bylaw, Pincott says there is to be no delay.

Landscapers and golf course are asking for the city to spend more time looking at the issue and give their industries more time to adapt to any changes likely to come.

The bylaw itself will still need to be voted on in council.

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