City auditor Tracy McTaggart is swinging back after a damning response to her procurement audit report by city manager Owen Tobert.

In the audit committee meeting today, McTaggart stated “the auditors asked for all files… that was regardless of the medium.”

Previously, Tobert had indicated that an overwhelming amount unaccounted for cash relating to procurement activity was held in electronic format – not in written hard copy – and that those files were never requested by the auditor’s office.

McTaggart said her office looked at paper and electronic, whatever was provided to the office.

She also told the committee that her office has yet to receive any of the electronic files that were unaccounted for in the initial audit process.

The city auditor also responded to accusations she said there was fraud at city hall.

McTaggart cleared the air, suggesting that in her report, “the city auditor has not made any allegations of fraud, nor have I guaranteed there is fraud in the city.

McTaggart did admit to saying she could not guarantee there is no fraud, based on the size of the city.

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