Photographers and those who use their work now can enjoy easier lives with the launch of the iStockPhoto application for the iPhone by a Calgary company Thursday.

The application allows graphic designers to flip through the seven million photos — and growing — in iStockPhoto’s collection, while allowing contributors to view the royalties those images are bringing in.

“We just wanted to do it to give every opportunity to our customers and contributors to use iStock when on the move,” said iStockPhoto COO Kelly Thompson.

The Calgary-based company is the largest microstock image company in the world, but while their work is everywhere around the city, few know it. “You almost can’t walk down the street in Calgary without seeing an iStock image,” said Thompson, noting they’re used for ads, billboards and more.

He said their photographers — who can make up to half a million dollars a year in royalties — will use it almost obsessively.

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