Three planes carrying Calgary police officers arrived home Monday, and many said their experience in Toronto was unlike anything else.

More than 150 Calgary police officers walked through the arrival gate after volunteering their time for the G20 and G8 summits.

“Definitely, there was points where the crowd is pushing in on you and there’s 100 of us and 10,000 of them,” said Cst. Kevin Paul. “They threw bottles, golf balls, baseballs…tuna cans, actually, that’s what I remember is seeing the tuna cans coming in.”

After attending both the Toronto event and the 2002 G8 summit in Alberta, Sgt. Peter Pecksen said the two don’t even compare.

“There was more protesters at any one thing we attended in Toronto then I ever saw in Calgary during G8,” he said.

“They were well behaved (in Alberta.) Not so much for everybody in Toronto.”

While tensions may have been high, the experience and first-hand training the Calgary officers received is invaluable, said acting deputy chief Trevor Daroux.

“(Officers are) better capable to deal with situations like this should they occur which not only serves our service better but serves Calgarians as well.”

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