Joe Connelly
Alderman, Ward 6

No. 1 issue: “Building a great city for our future. We have to support our businesses, small and large, such that Calgary can be an economic powerhouse.”

Why run? “Calgary has afforded me tremendous opportunity ... I have spent three years listening and learning and now want to serve Calgarians to build our future together. Why? Because I want the same opportunity I had for your and my children.”

Bonnie Devine

Devine did not return Metro’s phone calls.

Barry Erskine

Erskine did not return Metro’s phone calls.


Oscar Fech

No. 1 issue: Accountability.

Why run? “This time I figured I might have a better chance of getting in.”

Barb Higgins

Former researcher, CTV Calgary news anchor and co-producer

No. 1 issue: Fiscal responsibility along with fixing city hall.

Why run? “I wanted a leader who was going to create change at city hall, someone who was willing to shake things up. I felt, as I hear many Calgarians also feel, it was time for a new approach and a new attitude.”

Sandra Hunter

Hunter did not return Metro’s phone calls.

Gary Johnston
Retired from CP Rail

No. 1 issue: Taxes.

Why run? “I think because of democracy and the job. I’d be quite capable of handling it, I think.”

Dan Knight
Computer consultant

No. 1 issue: “A political system that negates democracy by electing a mayor with only 10 per cent of the population (considering voter apathy and percentage needed to be first) rather than by all voters.”

Why run? “To offer a vision of healing the system to bring empowerment and voice to the real funders —the taxpayers.”

Amanda Liu

Liu would not answer Metro’s questions.

Jon Lord
Entrepreneur (Casablanca Video). financial consultant, venture capitalist

No. 1 issue: “Financial security for Calgarians: Creating jobs, putting people first.”

Why run? “I’ve been working on behalf of Calgarians all of my life and what I see right now is there is a strong need to restore trust, integrity and bring ethical governance policies to city hall.”

Ric McIver
Alderman, Ward 12

No. 1 issue: Accountability to Calgary taxpayers.

Why run? “I love this city and in my nine years on council have tried to give back in some measure to a community that has been very good to me and my family. As wonderful as Calgary is as a place to live, work and play, I believe we can do better, much better.”

Naheed Nenshi
Professor, managing director at the Ascend Group

No. 1 issue: “Getting city council and city administration to work for Calgarians.”

Why run? “I am passionate about Calgary ... I have the knowledge and business experience that we need right now.”

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