Mother’s Day just isn’t the same these days for a Calgary mom who took to the steps of the Harry Hays building to rally for her son, who is being held in the United States.

Lisa Kirkman would have been eating breakfast in bed with her kids yesterday morning, but instead she was staging a peaceful protest with her mother and daughter — and without her son Noah, 11, who has been held by Oregon authorities for two years.

Kirkman, her family, friends and supporters have been fighting for Noah’s return. Two dozen Calgarians showed up at the protest yesterday to show their support and call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to step in and help.

“I feel like my heart has been ripped out. It’s very difficult for me to describe how painful it is.

Noah was a C-section baby and I feel like he has been ripped from me again,” Kirkman said.

The Kirkmans have been in a custody battle with U.S. authorities since September 2008, when Noah was in Oregon for vacation with his stepfather and he was seized by child welfare.

He’s been in four foster homes since then and his mother is only allowed to speak to him for 15 minutes once or twice a month.

“He should be home with his family,” Kirkman said.

Kirkman supporter Lawrence Oshanek has been trying to help the family get Noah back and said there are deeper issues at stake.

Kirkman’ s case goes back before an Oregon court at the end of May.

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