One says it’s a two-horse race, the other says it’s a three-horse race — but both are chasing the front-runner’s position.

As Naheed Nenshi and Barb Higgins filed their nomination papers yesterday morning, both of them were grilled by the media on why they were the best candidates for the job.

Nenshi isn’t concerned he’s polling third behind Higgins and perceived front-runner Ric McIver, but pointed out he still has four weeks to go.

“Look at Edmonton’s mayor Stephen Mandel and Toronto’s mayor; they both were in my position and look where they ended up,” Nenshi said.

For her part, Higgins shrugged off being labelled by her opponents as inexperienced and said now is the time she will get out there and let people know where she stands.

“I’m doing what I’ve done for the last two decades — and it’s getting out and talking to people,” Higgins said.

Joe Connelly dispelled rumours he was reconsidering his run at the top job and filed his mayor nomination papers — and he also says he has lots of time to catch up.

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