Calgary hosted its seventh annual Safety Expo yesterday morning at the Municipal Building downtown, where 3,200 Grade 4 to 7 students attended.

Pre-registered students from Calgary’s Catholic, public, private and charter schools participated in 37 colourful and interactive displays, a variety of protective services vehicles, workshops, “Education Corner” presentations, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Ald. Diane Colley-Urquhart, honorary chair member of the Safety Expo, was glad to see children eager to learn about injury and accident prevention.

“We want kids to think and minimize their risk, so they can be safe at home as well as when they play,” she said.

Colley-Urquhart said she hopes the students go home and teach their parents what they have learned.

“The main thing is we’re attracting Grade 4 to 7 students who’re like little sponges that absorb and interact with each other.”

Ten-year-old Christian Arias was happy he attended the event and learned a lot about safety.

“Safety is not always as simple as everyone thinks, its more complicated,” said Arias.

“I’m glad I went today, I learned a lot.”

Bill Bruce, director of Animal and Bylaw Services, was happy the students were so engaged.

“This gives kids all the tools they’ll need to make good decisions about safety,” said Bruce.

There will be another Safety Expo event today at 10:30 a.m. at the Municipal Building.

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