For Calgary it was a great report card. For Edmonton, it was not so impressive.

The latest Fraser Institute rankings found 10 of the 22 top schools in Calgary, compared with only two in Edmonton, according to spokesperson Peter Cowley.

Additionally, Calgary only had two schools in the bottom 21, which is less than 10 per cent, while Edmonton had four.

“Overall, it was really good for Calgary and they fared better than Edmonton,” Cowley said.

“But the most important thing to remember with this is how the school compared with its own history, and if they are faring better or worse than in previous years.”

Six Calgary schools improved over past years, he added.

Cowley said it would be complicated to pinpoint precisely why Calgary fared better but said it could be related to average income brought in by students’ families, a number that is typically higher in Calgary.

The report, which graded 273 Alberta schools, including public, separate and private, also found more diploma exams are being failed provincewide.

The 2010 report card can be found at