Metro asks Californians how they feel about the Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8 that reinstates same-sex marriage in the state.

"I think it's wonderful. I think that it's people's birthright to choose who to love and who to marry, and I think that government should stay away from that. It's not their business. It's wonderful that today people will be able to marry who they love. It's very cool to live in this time and be able to be an observer of that."
- Yury Lisenkov, 27, entrepeneur, Los Angeles

"It's about time. Prop 8 was absurd. Rights are rights; we're all humans."
- Tali Dillman, 28, project manager, San Francisco


"It's one of the last barriers to real civil rights in the United States, so it's a great thing."
- David Prior, 30, writer, San Francisco

"It's pretty crazy. I'm gay, but I don't think that should have any bearing on the reason that people should be interested in this. I wasn't stoked just because I'm gay. But when I read that it was actually struck down, it was kind of a rush and I didn't expect that feeling."
- Ariel Maccarone, 28, writer, Los Angeles

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