He’s been given a blank sheet, and now Bernard Callebaut can get back to doing what he does best: making chocolates.

After all, he says his two sons have “brown blood” and were the inspiration behind the name of his new company, papa chocolat.

“The name tells you it’s a family business, which is very important to us,” Callebaut said. “It’s easy on the tongue, we like it.”


The chocolate-maker admitted the past few months since Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut went into receivership in August have taken an emotional toll.

“It’s like a rollercoaster really. One day you’re OK, and the next you can’t believe it’s happening,” he said.

With papa chocolat, Callebaut intends to take a step back from the boardroom and will appoint a five-member board of directors to oversee operations.

“I can concentrate more on creating product, working on the production and also do educational work,” he said.

“People want to know more about chocolate and I love to talk about chocolate.”

Orders for Callebaut’s chocolates can be placed by calling 403-538-2206.