A 14-day journey through Canada’s most renowned gastronomic region might be just the thing for gourmet food lovers.

The course, Cultural and Historical Discovery of Quebec City, is offered as a partnership between the University of B.C. and College Merici of Quebec City. It takes participants on a culinary and cultural tour through Quebec City and its surrounding regions.

Instructor Eric Arrouzé, a French chef (and TV personality), said the joint cultural and culinary arts program offers a gourmet spin on tradition rural cooking.

Students will visit farms, tour food producers and experience agro-tourism at its best. Arrouzé said the splendour of Quebec, with its culture and festivities, reminds him of Europe.

Participants will also discover how to prepare delicious specialties such as Lac St-Jean blueberry tartlet, homemade maple ice cream and Québec-style grilled quail salad.

Each morning will have three-hour culinary arts class with Arrouzé on how to prepare regional specialties. Afternoons will be devoted to discovering the historical sites such as the Citadelle and the old city of Quebec. Evenings will be allocated to savouring specialties from local restaurants.

The program is in English but there will be plenty opportunities to practise French with Arrouzé and the locals.

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The course, which is run through UBC Continuing Studies, runs July 19 to Aug. 1. Visit cstudies.ubc.ca for more.