They’ve shipped literacy materials to impoverished countries, developed local anti-discrimination groups and raised funds for victims of genocide — all before graduating high school.


For the past 15 years, some of Canada’s brightest and most dedicated high school students have been recognized with the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership: a prestigious reward for exceptional students who have made a significant, positive impact on the world around them.


Each year, 20 outstanding students are awarded a scholarship worth up to $70,000 to cover post-secondary tuition and living expenses, as well as summer employment with TD for up to four years.


The scholarship provides students with the opportunity to stay focused on school work and giving back to their communities without having to stress about the financial burden of post-secondary education.


Dr. Jane Thompson, Executive Director of the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership program has met some incredibly dedicated students throughout her years working on the program, and has witnessed the impact the scholarships have had on their educational careers.

Her advice? Apply, apply, and apply!

Dr. Thompson recommends the following tips for submitting a stellar application:

  • Write clearly and concisely — let your accomplishments shine through.

  • Consider the big picture — how have your actions impacted others?

  • Apply early — don’t risk accidentally missing the deadline.

  • Read the requirements carefully — ensure you don’t miss anything.