Cellphone photos could help clean up city:Councillor

See a pothole? Disgusted by a pile of garbage on the street, or a bus shelter defaced with graffiti?



Coun. Cesar Palacio wants ordinary folk to be able to snap a cellphone photo and e-mail the image to City Hall for quick action.


Yesterday, the city’s licensing and standards committee asked city staff to report on the feasibility of the idea. Palacio told the committee it’s "a great opportunity to engage Torontonians to be part of the solution," he said.

Coun. Howard Moscoe asked that the idea be referred to a pilot graffiti-eradication project operating in seven neighbourhoods.

similar program in London

  • Palacio pointed to a successful program in the Borough of Lewisham in London, England, where citizens can send photos to a website for the city’s attention.