Alleged killing of cat prompts online outrage

Police in rural Alberta are monitoring a storm of hate mail that’s exploded online against four teenagers who are accused of cooking a cat in a microwave.


Three separate groups have been created on, a social-networking website, calling for justice after four youths in Camrose, Alta., were charged with animal cruelty and other offences in the disturbing, morbid case.


Several posts are calling on others to cause physical harm to the accused teens while others are encouraging people to illegally reveal their names, currently protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act because they are minors.


“They killed something that couldn’t defend itself and if they got the shit beaten out of them, they would know how it felt,” one resident wrote online.


“I think people like that should be shot,” wrote another.

Camrose police say they are aware of the online threats but won’t comment on if the four accused teenagers, all between the ages of 13 and 15, will be provided with extra security.

Scheduled to appear in a Camrose courtroom Feb. 7, they are charged with breaking into a home and cooking a cat to death in the microwave while the owners were away for the holidays.

“This is almost beyond words. I can’t even imagine how this poor kitty must have suffered,” said Tove Reece, an executive director with Voice for Animals.

“I find this absolutely hard to put this into words. I’ve never heard of anything like this before and it’s hard to imagine how kids of this age could be such monsters.”

Incidents like this one, similar to a vicious attack on a dog in Didsbury in October 2006, she says, should urge the federal government to finally take crimes on animals more seriously.

“These are not looked at as crimes … and our justice system and our government fail to realize the danger these kinds of people pose,” she said.