There’s one group of people who is anticipating Saturday’s anticipated arrival of hurricane Earl with glee: Surfers.

“It’s like a big snowfall for skiers,” said Chris Smith, a surfer from Cole Harbour who caught a few waves at Lawrencetown Beach on Thursday.

“That’s what it’s all about because with (the hurricane) comes the waves and the swells.”

The beach was busy with surfers on Thursday morning, but Smith said the waves seem to be taking a breather between hurricanes Danielle and oncoming Earl.

But there will be plenty of post-hurricane surfing, added Andrew MacCallum of Lawrencetown.

“Saturday will be unsurfable but a couple days after the storm will be good.”

The surfing is so good, it’s attracting surfing tourists. Smith said he’s met surfers from Montreal, New Jersey and Toronto.

“Some people have been coming up for hurricane season for 10 or 20 years,” MacCallum added.

As far as safety concerns, it’s not high waves or currents these two surfers are worried about but the crowded conditions.

“Inexperienced people out there can get you and themselves hurt. You’ve got to know your limits,” MacCallum said.

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