Beach teenagers know the Mac’s convenience store at the corner of Queen Street East and Hammersmith Avenue is the place to meet.

It’s the only place open all night after the bars close and the festivals end. But teens who gather there after the Beaches International Jazz Festival in July may find themselves on police camera.

Responding to homeowners who complained that a young crowd spun out of control on Hammersmith after the festival one night last year, Toronto police will send a van with a camera on the roof to sit outside the Mac’s this year.

“We want to be sure we know they’re being photographed,” said Sgt. Mark Walsh of 55 Division.

The decision to use mounted police to disperse a crowd of about 300 teenagers and young adults who gathered at the Mac’s last year after the festival was controversial.

The group was rowdy, even teenagers who took part admit. Some Hammersmith residents were infuriated when the teenagers taunted them, walked over parked cars and broke off car side-mirrors. Police say there were fights going on in the crowd and they were worried the crowd could begin pouring down Queen.

Walsh said mobile cameras have been effective in controlling crowds at the annual Caribana festival.