Premier Darrell Dexter keeps bumping up against election promises.

The NDP cancelled plans for a Springhill jail, saying the location wasn’t the most efficient or cost effective.

The only problem is the Tories had announced the jail and Dexter had promised to honour Tory commitments.

Thursday Dexter said the jail didn’t meet the criteria of a commitment because the Tories hadn’t done any cost analysis or business plan.

He said real commitments have to have some substance behind them.

He also shot back at the Tories, who have accused him of misleading Nova Scotians.

“The clear evidence is that the option (Justice Minister Ross Landry) has put forward is more effective, more cost-efficient, it’s going to be better for the correctional service,” said Dexter.

“And yet they still want to go to a less effective, more expensive solution. No wonder we’re in the situation we’re in.”

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