Democrats are looking to a pair of comedians to do what President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton and dozens of other leaders haven’t done yet this election season: get party members excited about voting.

Comedy Central hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert expect tens of thousands of fans to join them at the “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington Saturday, three days before congressional elections. The president was scheduled to appear on “The Daily Show” last night in his first visit to Stewart’s program since he was elected.

Stewart is promoting the rally as a “million moderate march” to counter what he calls extreme rhetoric dominating the national political discussion.

According to a Facebook page created for the rally, more than 310,000 people have said they plan to be there, and hundreds of satellite events are planned across the globe.

On the same day as the rally, Democratic groups will be focusing on traditional get-out-the-vote efforts. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s website said it is coordinating buses to take volunteers to Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky.

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