To achieve another one per cent reduction in Calgarians’ tax bill, roughly another $9 million in additional revenue or budget cuts must be found.

As aldermen negotiated their way to a 4.79 per cent tax hike in a Monday special meeting of council, several ideas for cost cuts and revenue increase were bandied about in order to reduce the tax burden on Calgarians.

Here are some of the proposals and the net result they could have had on the budget:

CIVIC?PARTNERS: Ward 13’s Diane Colley-Urquhart suggested the City of Calgary’s 15 civic partners participate in the city’s mandated 1.7 per cent cut to all departments.

A total of $69 million is doled out to civic partners, however Colley Urquhart’s amendment excluded the Calgary Public Library’s $37 million. This amendment was defeated. Ald. Joe Ceci and others opposed to the cut were concerned it would severely hamper “quality of life” organizations.

Net result: Est. $554,000 in savings.

CORPORATE?SERVICES: This department, which includes such city services as Corporate Properties, Customer Service, Human Resources, IT and the Calgary Housing Company, was eyed by Ald. Ric McIver for a “global” $2.8 million cut.

The department manager couldn’t estimate the impact of those cuts, only to say front line services could be compromised. This amendment was defeated.

Net result: Est. $2.8 million in savings.

CALGARY?POLICE?SERVICE: The CPS submitted a 1.7 per cent cut of a nearly $265 million budget, along with other city business units, but these cuts were declined by the city.

Net result: Est. $4.5 million in savings.

CALGARY?PARKING?AUTHORITY: Parking fees reductions were approved. However, fine increases and implementing after hours and weekend fees were sent back to the CPA board for review. Mayor Bronconnier said council wasn’t “interested” in the extra charges.
Net result: Est. $4 million in revenue.

TOTAL?NET?RESULT: $11.8 million in cuts and revenue.

Other suggestions were made, and administration is to look for “opportunities” to find other efficiencies.

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