Nicolas Cage rides back into theatres as Ghost Rider in mid-February. With tier-two comic book heroes getting hit up for a sequel, it begs the question: After a decade-long spandex-and-leather blockbuster boom, are there any comic book film adaptations left in the tank?

Green Arrow

This B-league bow-master has been hitting hard targets since 1941, but outside of fan-boy circles he might as well be a contestant on American Archer. Not only does Green Arrow borrow from Robin Hood’s wardrobe but he also shares the Englishman’s penchant for the redistribution of wealth.

Movie Buzz: Years back, Kevin Smith’s name was bandied about in connection with an Arrow movie. More recently NY Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer has dropped hints that he’d pen the script.

Odds of ever making the big screen: Slim as a solo deal but sky-high in a Justice League of America (JLA) live-action flick.


Captain Canuck

The Cap is a well-mannered Mountie who acquires super-strength after a run-in with some aliens while camping. He then dons red-and-white spandex with a maple leaf emblazoned on his forehead while tangling with baddies. In its original incarnation the series was set in a future world where Canada had become, according to the first issue, “the most important country in the world.”

Movie Buzz: Mind’s Eye Entertainment owns the film rights and plans on developing the project with the cooperation of series creator Richard Comely.

Odds of ever making the big screen: Pretty good, eh.


The often-parodied super-swimmer has been breathing underwater and having telepathic conversations with fish, mollusks and other sea life since 1941. Ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham points out that Aquaman has the same powers as SpongeBob SquarePants.

Movie Buzz: If Shaq could suit up and play Steel, Michael Phelps can dye his hair blonde and start chatting up some beluga whales.

Odds of ever making the big screen: While HBO’s Entourage featured the making of an Aquaman action movie with James Cameron, the underwater hero doesn’t get that caliber of Hollywood love in real life.


In the comic book world the mantle of the fastest man alive has been held by Jay Garrick, Barry Allan, Wally West and Bart Allan. A mainstay in the

T-shirt wardrobe of Big Bang Theory’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Flash has remained fashion forward in geek circles for more than 70 years.

Movie Buzz: Fan-boys are chirping a mile a minute and “Rock the Lightning” would be a great poster tagline.

Odds of ever making the big screen: In 1990-91 CBS ran a single season of The Flash starring John Wesley Ship. But if there’s ever a JLA movie, Warner Bros. will greenlight a Flash solo joint in a red-hot minute.

Black Panther

Beyond Wesley Snipes vamping it up in Blade movies, there haven’t been too many mainstream African-American superhero movies. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, Black Panther — the protector of the fictitious African nation of Wakanda — is the Jackie Robinson of superheroes laying the groundwork for all that followed including Luke Cage, Falcon, Storm and Spawn.

Movie Buzz: Some small murmurs a the moment.

Odds of ever making the big screen: They’d need to get creative with the title, otherwise many would assume the movie was about the radical organization of the same name.

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