The following are post-game comments following Canada’s 7-0 win over Latvia at the IIHF world championship.

*** Mike Green, on how Latvia played: “They’re sneaky. They played strong. Obviously, not the outcome they wanted. The first period, they seemed a little timid, but once they got their pace, they were pretty dangerous. We had a hard time in the third watching them. They were all over the place and they made it tough on us.”

*** Green, on what head coach Ken Hitchcock told the team after the second period: “He just said we weren’t playing our game, even though the score was (6-0). We weren’t doing the things we practised and we had to get back to that. That made us play on our heels where they could come at us.”

*** Green, on the fine line between being respectful and developing lazy habits, with a 6-0 lead in the second period: “It’s easy to stray away from your system and try to do too much out there as an individual. Once we settled down and stuck to our system, we were able to hold them off.”

*** Rick Nash on what Canada thought was a sluggish second period: “We weren’t happy after the second period with the way we were playing. We’re learning, still getting comfortable with us.”

*** Nash, on Pascal Leclaire’s performance: “It would be tough to come in where he played three years. He was a bit nervous before the game but he stood on his head at some points. They could have had four goals, easily, if Pazzy hadn’t have played well.”

*** Nash, on the chemistry of his line with Dany Heatley and Ryan Getzlaf: “It was our second real game together. There are some sloppy areas but in saying that, the next game is going to be huge for us. We’re going to get a real test of where we stand.”

*** Nash, on scoring two goals: “To get the monkey off the back, is always nice, to get a couple of goals. They were tap-ins. They were great passes from Getzlaf and Heatley and if I miss those, something’s wrong.”

*** Shane Doan, on the Nash-Heatley-Getzlaf line: “Getz controls the puck so well and those other two are such great scorers. The way Getz can control the puck and find guys is pretty incredible. And their size to protect the puck and buy themselves time is unbelievable.”

*** Doan, on Leclaire’s play: “He made some really big saves. A couple of times they made great individual efforts and got to the front of the net. They had some good shots, but he was always there.”

*** Heatley, on the play of Latvia: “They battled hard right to the end. They played hard. Every game’s going to get tougher. We have a huge one Tuesday against the Americans. We know they’re going to come out tough.”

*** Heatley, on whether the team accomplished what it wanted to through two games: “We got two wins. You can always improve. There are points in both games where we could have played a little bit better, but overall we got what we wanted, we got the two wins.”

*** Leclaire, on his return to Halifax: “It was pretty fun. It’s always special, It was neat to see the fans and the whole atmosphere was pretty good with the Latvian fans too. It was fun to come back and I was really looking forward to it. It was a good time; a good afternoon.”

*** Leclaire's thoughts on Halifax, as a former member of the hometown Mooseheads: “I still come back as much as possible, every year, and I have a great time, and I always remember the fans. People have always been really nice to me, I won’t forget that, my family won’t either.”

*** Leclaire, on the possibility of getting another start: “I try to come here and play well. Whoever plays, it’s a coaching decision. We both want to play, we both can do the job, and every time you’re in there, you’re not trying to get another start. You’re in there to try and win a hockey game. If you get another start, great, if not, you support the team.”

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