Jeff Hodson/metro vancouver


Crews work to repair a Telus phone and Internet cable at Cambie Street and Broadway, yesterday. The section of Cambie Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue is expected to remain closed for most of today.

Telephone, Internet and Interac services were disabled for more than 800 homes and businesses, after a Canada Line construction crew working on Cambie Street severed underground Telus fibre-optic cables.

Cambie Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue remained shut down yesterday after crews began working to repair the cables on Sunday night. It remained closed as of press time yesterday evening, causing serious traffic congestion.

This was the third time Canada Line contractors have cut Telus lines in the past two months, Telus spokesman Shawn Hall said.

Blame for the severed cables has not yet been determined.

Past incidents where fibre-optics cables were severed have cost Canada Line contractors $300,000 to $500,000, and this one will likely be more expensive, Hall said.

“This is the only time we’ve had to cut into the roadway (to fix the cables). It’s not an easy repair.”

Some services should be restored by this afternoon, but it might not be until tomorrow or Thursday that the lines will be restored, Hall said.

The interruption of 911 services makes a timely fix a priority, he added

Telus will “do a deep dive to determine what happened and try to make sure it’s the last cut,” Hall said.

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