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Canada’s most unwanted

We asked officials in Metro cities across the country to tell us about their most troublesome critters.

We asked officials in Metro cities across the country to tell us about their most troublesome critters.

Halifax — Coyote

Most dangerous:
Coyotes can wander into the city’s peninsula and get trapped. A power-meter reader was bitten by a coyote earlier
this year.

Biggest pest: None.

Newest problem:
Bears may have poked around the suburbs in the past few weeks.

Ottawa — Black bear

Most dangerous:
Black bear.

Biggest pest: Raccoon. Several YouTube videos
attest to raccoons’ ability to defeat supposedly
impregnable green bins.

Newest problem:
Bedbug. Pest control companies note a dramatic increase in
complaints in 2010.

Toronto — Raccoon

Most dangerous:
None, but leaving food out is discouraged because coyotes can begin to associate people with a food source and may start hanging around.

Biggest pest:
Torontonians have the most trouble with raccoons.

Newest problem: None.

London — Ash borer

Most dangerous: None.

Biggest pest: The
buckthorn plant is infiltrating London’s natural areas and pushing out all the native species.

Newest problem:
The emerald ash borer beetle is wreaking havoc on ash trees, of which there are more than 100,000 in the area.

Winnipeg — Cougar

Most dangerous: Deer. Manitoba Public Insurance reports collisions with deer make up the most animal-auto accidents.

Biggest pest: Mosquito.

Newest problem:
Several witnesses spotted a cougar in Winnipeg suburb Transcona

Calgary — Coyote

Most dangerous: Black bears occasionally come up the river valley into the city.

Biggest pest: Officials say there are resident
coyotes living in the city.

Newest problem:
“We don’t get new pests in Calgary because
Alberta doesn’t let them in,” says Bill Bruce of
Calgary Animal Services.

Edmonton — Mice

Most dangerous: Mice, and all the germs and
destruction they bring.

Biggest pest: Mice,
bedbugs and ants are the main ones right now.

Newest problem: “They’re all the same ones. They just get worse,” says Gladys Schultz of Edmonton


Vancouver — Raccoon

Most dangerous:
Coyotes can eat pets
and have had contact with people; bites have been reported.

Biggest pest: Raccoons have bitten lots of people, mostly because of people trying to
hand feed them.

Newest problem: None.