We asked officials in Metro cities across the country to tell us about their most troublesome critters.

Halifax — Coyote

Most dangerous:
Coyotes can wander into the city’s peninsula and get trapped. A power-meter reader was bitten by a coyote earlier
this year.

Biggest pest: None.

Newest problem:
Bears may have poked around the suburbs in the past few weeks.

Ottawa — Black bear

Most dangerous:
Black bear.

Biggest pest: Raccoon. Several YouTube videos
attest to raccoons’ ability to defeat supposedly
impregnable green bins.

Newest problem:
Bedbug. Pest control companies note a dramatic increase in
complaints in 2010.

Toronto — Raccoon

Most dangerous:
None, but leaving food out is discouraged because coyotes can begin to associate people with a food source and may start hanging around.

Biggest pest:
Torontonians have the most trouble with raccoons.

Newest problem: None.

London — Ash borer

Most dangerous: None.

Biggest pest: The
buckthorn plant is infiltrating London’s natural areas and pushing out all the native species.

Newest problem:
The emerald ash borer beetle is wreaking havoc on ash trees, of which there are more than 100,000 in the area.

Winnipeg — Cougar

Most dangerous: Deer. Manitoba Public Insurance reports collisions with deer make up the most animal-auto accidents.

Biggest pest: Mosquito.

Newest problem:
Several witnesses spotted a cougar in Winnipeg suburb Transcona

Calgary — Coyote

Most dangerous: Black bears occasionally come up the river valley into the city.

Biggest pest: Officials say there are resident
coyotes living in the city.

Newest problem:
“We don’t get new pests in Calgary because
Alberta doesn’t let them in,” says Bill Bruce of
Calgary Animal Services.

Edmonton — Mice

Most dangerous: Mice, and all the germs and
destruction they bring.

Biggest pest: Mice,
bedbugs and ants are the main ones right now.

Newest problem: “They’re all the same ones. They just get worse,” says Gladys Schultz of Edmonton


Vancouver — Raccoon

Most dangerous:
Coyotes can eat pets
and have had contact with people; bites have been reported.

Biggest pest: Raccoons have bitten lots of people, mostly because of people trying to
hand feed them.

Newest problem: None.