A B.C. native should be chosen this season as the first Canadian MVP in major-league history, a poll of Metro readers suggests.

Of the nearly 300 e-mailers who responded this week to my request for assistance on picking MVPs in both MLB and the CFL, a whopping 85 per cent identified Minnesota first baseman Justin Morneau as their pick for the American League.


“Not because he is Canadian,” wrote Chris Tiessen, “but because, without his numbers, the Twins would not be headed to the post-season.”

Heading into last night, the 25-year-old pride and joy of New Westminster was batting .323, with 34 home runs and 129 runs batted in. His slugging percentage was .566.

“He is a true MVP,” wrote reader Jeremy Grimes. “I just hope the fact that he is Canadian ... doesn’t sway voters from choosing him.”

Michael Gosselin thinks Morneau’s teammate, AL batting leader Joe Mauer, should be the AL MVP, but he figures the Yankees’ Derek Jeter probably will be selectedbecause “everybody seems to love that bum, even outside New York.”

In the NL, 77 per cent of the Metro readers who e-mailed me believe the Phillies’ power-hitting first baseman, Ryan Howard, should be the MVP.

“Where would Philadelphia be without Howard?” Miriam Jackson wrote. “And the best thing about him, I presume, is that he is steroid-free.”

• The readers’ overwhelming choice for the CFL’stop player in the Western Divisionis B.C.’s Geroy Simon, who leads the league in receptions (78) and receiving yards (1,422) and is tied with Montreal’s Robert Edwards for the league lead in touchdowns (12). Simon received 79 per cent of the votes from Metro readers.

Other Western choices were B.C. defensive lineman Brent Johnson (10 per cent), Calgary running back Joffrey Reynolds (eight per cent) and Calgary quarterback Henry Burris (four per cent). Calgary kicker Sandro DeAngelis even got a vote. In the East, the most votes (11) came for Winnipeg running back Charles Roberts.

“I thought about Eastern candidates for a full day,” Fran Clarkson wrote, “but I came up empty. There isn’t anybody in the East this year. Honestly, the East is so bad, it doesn’tdeserve a representative.”

• Frank Robinson will be fired soon as Washington’s manager and sources say the Nationals will hire Yankees coach Tony Pena as Robinson’s successor ... Felipe Alou likely will be dumped as San Francisco manager ... Ditto for the Cubs’ Dusty Baker ... Joe Girardi, who will be fired soon by the Florida Marlins even though he will be chosen the NL’s manager of the year (but doesn’t get along with nutcase owner Jeffrey Loria), is a candidate to replace any of the above ... Look also for Lou Piniella to return to the managerial ranks soon.

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