Trigger is a carefree dog these days but his has not been a simple dog's life. A few years ago, Trigger was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy treatment.

"I was devastated - I mean I was sobbing uncontrollably - I was an emotional wreck" said his owner Sue Ingham.

According to Dr. Neal Mauldin of the Western Veterinary Cancer Centre, about 50 per cent of dogs and cats will develop cancer in their lifetime. Currently, Calgary is the only Canadian city where radiation therapy is available for domestic pets.

However, the treatment can be costly -- up to $8,000. When it came to Trigger's chemotherapy, Ingham said she didn't hesitate.

"We discussed what it was going to cost and I had to make the commitment that I was prepared to follow through, and not stop, and I mean there was no question."

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