Drew Wright, 28
Collingwood, Ont.


Trying out for Canadian Idol was an intense experience for Drew Wright.


With his experience playing gigs here and there with his band Malleus, one would think it would have been a little easier.


“It was an intense experience, for sure … just trying to keep your nerves calm and staying focused on what you’re doing,” says Wright, 28, from Collingwood, Ont.


Wright and his band have been writing and singing all original material for a while, and even won a radio competition in Barrie for Rock 95, which allowed them to record an album and get air play on the station.

In terms of expectations on Canadian Idol, Wright tries not to have any and takes everything in stride.

“I think there is a lot of amazing talent here this year, probably more so than in others, and I think that I don’t have any expectations,” he says. “I’m just happy to be this far and at any point in time just go out there and do your best, and hopefully you’re not packing your bags.”

Wright takes a lot of his inspirations from people like Jeff Buckley and Chris Cornell and also from a lot of classic rock.

So what makes him Canadian Idol potential?

“I just hope that when I play something and I’m on stage singing that the (audience) enjoys it and like me based on my musical ability,” says Wright. “When I perform I (hope to) put a smile on their faces and hope that they take something out of it. That’s all I want to accomplish.”