Mark Day, 19
Portugal Cove, Nfld.


One of the things the judges on the Idol shows are always wary of is a male competitor singing a song that’s been written for a woman to sing.


Then again taking the risk of not only singing the song, but altering it so that it works for you can be quite impressive. That was the case for Mark Day, 19, of Portugal Cove, Nfld.


This small-town guy with a big voice decided to take on Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, as well as the Power of Love, for his audition with the Canadian Idol judges.


“Everyone always says not to sing songs like these ballads because it’s hard to get that range … but my range for a guy is really big and loud and strong,” Day tells Metro. “When I sing it doesn’t sound like a copycat or an imitation, it sounds like a guy singing the original and (the judges) really liked it. So I’ve never had anyone say that I sound like a copycat.”

The thing about Day is that he can be the guy next door; the one people at home can think, “I know that guy, he’s in my English class.” And he knows how to work his magic.

“I’m the next Canadian Idol because I’m relatable,” says Day. “I’m a big boy from a small town, in a big city on a big stage. I have a good voice. I don’t want to sound cocky or contrived, but I know I can sing and I know I can perform.”