Mookie Morris, 18
Toronto, ON

Though Toronto’s Mookie Morris is only 18, he has had quite a bit of experience in the music industry — experience he hopes will continue and grow into a music career.

Morris, one of this year’s Canadian Idol Top 24 contestants, has been singing for years and by the age of 10 he performed to a sold-out show at Toronto’s Opera House.

“I’ve done charity events, too … I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 12 … if there was any job I thought would be more fun and perfect for me it’s singing,” Morris says.

As one of six competitors representing the GTA in the singing competition this year, Morris plans on going as far as he can, of course, with the support of family, friends and fans he hopes to gain while on the show.

“I feel proud, I really love this city … and I want to represent us well,” he says. “I feel like no one from Toronto gets enough support, so hopefully I can change that this year.”

With musical inspirations like John Lennon and Jim Morrison, he feels like he has something unique to offer. And after successfully making it through the Top 200 round, Morris is ready to show Canada what he’s made of.

“I’ve got a catalogue of over 100 songs that I just want to get out there,” Morris continues. “I like to call myself new wave. I don’t want to be repetitive of anything that’s been done before, I feel strongly about just wanting to be different.”