Omar Lunan, 29
Scarborough, ON

Having already gotten a taste of how the music business operates, Omar Lunan figured he would try something new.

After having deals with two record labels that both went nowhere, Scarborough’s 29-year-old singer and single father felt he had nothing to lose by auditioning for Canadian Idol. He wasn’t even supposed to be at the auditions, but went with his younger cousin for moral support.

“I had a show the night before, so I met her there at 7:30 a.m. and she was at the front of the line so I had to find my way through to her (through) about 1,500 people,” says Lunan. “So we got inside and she got to a certain point and I got past, which is not bad for somebody who didn’t expect to be here.”

Lunan has been singing professionally since he was 17, when he was in a group called The Show. His biggest accomplishment musically occurred when he was 17 or 18, when he got to open up for artists like 98 Degrees, Usher, Foxy Brown, Genuwine, Sugar Jones, Soul Decision and more. He and his group were even nominated for a Juno.”In the same year I got my high school diploma, so that was a big year for me … I just love music and performing is awesome.”

All that matters at this point in the game is providing a stable home and future for his two-year-old son, which is why Lunan says he’s in this competition.

“Me and mom are really good, though we’re not together, but I’ve made sure that we’re both really active with our son. We do everything we can for him,” he says.