Sebastian Pigott, 25
Toronto, ON

Reaching this part of the Canadian Idol competition has been an exciting journey for Sebastian Pigott, who admits he always thought he could do better than competitors on previous seasons of the show.

“I would see the people in the Top 10 and I’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s your singing? I can sing it better,’” says Pigott, 25, from Toronto. “And I was in my living room and (would) be like, ‘This is what I can do … you watch.’”

Pigott, who auditioned for the singing competition with older brother Oliver, 27, says he was surprised with how the judges critiqued his performance. Though he wasn’t quite sure what to expect, he has been pleasantly impressed.

“They were a lot cooler and smarter than I expected … they were really accurate … they were really specific,” he says. “They said that I’m a stylist and Zack said, ‘You take the shortcomings in your voice and you turn them into assets.’”

Both he and his brother lived in Portugal with their mother for a few years when they were younger, and even performed in a few places there. Music has always been a passion for the Pigott brothers, and though there’s definitely pressure to do better than his big brother, Oliver wouldn’t have auditioned if Sebastian didn’t.

“What we do is totally different, I mean he’s got so much soul, more than any person I’ve ever known who can sing,” says Pigott. “I just try to put on the best show … I would rather do a good job and get sent home than do a crap job and get through.”